Customer Story

Agri-Service Inc.

CDK’s Business Intelligence Helps Agri-Service Achieve
Dealership Goals

A long-time customer of HBS Systems’ equipment dealer management service, Agri-Service, Inc. began looking at real-time business analytics as one more way to support the employee-owned company’s growth. “We found that most of the business information our system gave us was backwardlooking,” says Chief Operating Officer Clint Schnoor. “That’s not a healthy scenario. We needed an alternative so we could better manage budgets, see and plan for sales in real-time, and get the data we need quickly. We looked at several options and settled on IntelliDealer.”

Schnoor says that IntelliDealer went live for the company’s nine locations in the spring of 2012, and the Business Intelligence, or “dashboard,” had an impact on the business right away. “The biggest thing is that we now have a daily barometer of how we’re doing as a business. A lot of managers have asked us for something like this for a long time. The dashboard gives us our business information in an understandable, easy format. It’s meaningful, and critical to executing a good business plan,” he says.

Graphical Representation of Financial
Data Makes Adapting to Situations Easier

CDK’s Business Intelligence lets managers like Schnoor review real-time financial data either numerically or graphically. For Agri-Service, that means sharing financial information to help employees achieve sales and operations goals is easier than ever. “With the dashboard, we’re not looking back; we can see exactly where we are, up to the minute. The dashboard is set up like a speedometer, and we can see real-time data throughout the day. A lot of business systems can give you a report with your data, but there’s a lot to be said for clean, simple graphs and charts; the graphs mean it’s easy to understand for all users.”

The dashboard gives us our business information in an understandable, easy format. It’s meaningful, and critical to executing a good business plan.” - Clint Schnoor

Because the real-time information is so accessible to Agri-Service employees, Schnoor says they find that setting and achieving performance goals has become much more effective. “We can provide our employees with goals—goals that are measureable and relevant—and the information they need to change business practices and adapt to new situations,” says Schnoor.

He also notes that Agri-Service is tracking budgets, thanks to the addition of CDK’s Business Intelligence. “This is the first year in our company that we can look at budgets for each department and for personnel. We’re all working toward a common financial goal, and by loading that information into IntelliDealer, we can monitor it on a continuous basis,” Schnoor comments.

Agri-Service Taking Advantage of CDK Business Intelligence Data Miner

According to Schnoor, Agri-Service is now starting to take advantage of Data Miner within IntelliDealer, which will let the company analyze the company’s geographic and marketing data. “From the dashboard, we can now examine exactly where we’re doing business, and with which customers. We see the value of that geographic data, and are beginning to use it to drive our marketing efforts. It’s a big difference, and we’re just about to kick off our first campaign that’s shaped by our dashboard data. Very exciting.”

About Agri-Service Inc.

Since opening in 1990, Agri-Service has become the largest Massey Ferguson dealership in North America, with nine retail locations and one independent service location. Throughout Idaho, Northern Utah, and Eastern Oregon, Agri-Service customers can rely on a comprehensive line of used and new agricultural equipment, including balers, tractors, combine harvesters, and more. Today, Agri-Service’s 175 employees own the company.