Customer Story

Battle River Implements

How CDK IntelliTech™ Helped Improve Service Technician Efficiency and Profitability

As part of its commitment to customer service, Battle River Implements began using IntelliDealer in 2010. According to Corporate Service Manager Aaron Lassu, the key selling feature was the IntelliTech portion of the overall IntelliDealer solution. “We are lucky to have an Aftermarket-driven General Manager and making our Service department as profitable as it can be is important to all of us,” says Lassu. “As we were analyzing the software, we found that IntelliTech offered us more detailed reports, which would let us really drill down and find the information we need.”

Real-Time Reporting Results in
Proactive Changes for Battle River Implements

Lassu says that level of detailed, real-time reports has meant that it’s easy for him and other Battle River managers to make proactive changes for the stores, helping them correct issues before they get out of hand. “The real-time data is what’s key there,” he says.

Real-time data is also making a huge difference in Service margins: “The biggest change for us,” says Lassu, “is the fact that all the Service technicians now run on laptops. So, when the technicians are working, they enter the job codes that are associated with their work. They can see right away how much time they’re billing to the work, and how much time they have left on the work order. It’s a good, visual reminder of their pace of work. If the job is half done, there should be about half the time left on the work order.”

Recording time on each work order has helped the technicians be more efficient and increase their billable hours. Lassu says,“With IntelliTech, we’re so mindful of every minute we spend now. We can see exactly where we are, in real time, so we know how much money we’re earning and how much money we’re spending.”

By our estimates, our investment in IntelliDealer paid for itself within two years—all because of our ability to increase our efficiency and Service margins with IntelliTech.” - Aaron Lassu

Service Administration Becomes More Efficient

Because Battle River Implement’s Service technicians log on to IntelliTech and track their time by job code, Lassu says that IntelliTech has automated a previously manual, cumbersome process: “No more manual time cards for us; everything is right there, in the system, and we can drill down to the minute of every technician’s labor punches. Service administration is now faster and we can be more efficient with our time.”

Lassu estimates that automating the employee time recording function has saved each location about 45 minutes to an hour every day, adding that much more time to the company’s billable Service capacity. Battle River Implements has been so impressed with the results of CDK IntelliTech that Lassu has invited other dealers to come see it at work in his stores.

Do I recommend IntelliTech? Absolutely; 100%. I have actually brought other dealers into our stores so they can see just how efficient it has helped us become.”

About Battle River Implements

With four locations across Alberta, Canada, Battle River Implements has been serving its customers for more than 50 years. Its goal is to “become the leading Agricultural Service Provider” in its marketplace.