Customer Story

Bobcat Enterprises

How a Longstanding Relationship with CDK Allowed for a Smooth Transition To IntelliDealer™

As a well respected dealership in the community, Bobcat Enterprises works to provide its customers with service before, during, and after the sale. According to Kimberly Trapp, Bobcat Enterprises Branch Manager, “To allow us to continue offering our customers the best options and service available, we became interested in making some changes and restructuring how we looked at our business. We knew we would stay with CDK because we have been a customer for 20 years and have always been incredibly impressed with their products and customer service. IntelliDealer was the next logical step for us in our crusade to always meet the ever changing needs of our customers.”

We have had a good relationship with CDK since the early 1990s because they are always consistent and constant in the industry. This
was very comforting for us as we transitioned to IntelliDealer, and they didn’t disappoint.” - Kimberly Trapp, Branch Manager

Bobcat Enterprises Experiences Smooth Transition

Bobcat, as a manufacturer, has supported different platforms over the years, but this dealership has always stayed with CDK Global. This loyalty aided in providing the company with a successful and easy transition to IntelliDealer.

As far as the migration went, it was simple. We already knew the
CDK system, so it was very straightforward and almost effortless.”
- Kimberly Trapp, Branch Manager

According to Trapp, “The transition was applicable to our business because we really value our relationship with CDK Global. Of course there was a bit of a learning curve, and there was an adjustment period for some of our tenured employees, but CDK helped us every step of the way.”

Bobcat Enterprises Recommends IntelliDealer to Other Businesses

She concludes: “We have had a lot of visits from other Bobcat dealers who are considering CDK Global. We have helped them to make their decision to move to CDK because we think it’s the best option. Also, if there are more Bobcat dealers on CDK, then there is more communication and it’s easier for all of us to be more efficient.”

About Bobcat Enterprises

Bobcat Enterprises was started in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1975. This dealership now has six locations, all of which are prepared to offer service to help their customers choose the proper equipment; service to help secure the best financing or lease to suit the needs of their customers; and service for preventative maintenance, parts, and operation and safety training.