Customer Story

Ditch Witch Sales, Inc.

CDK Support and Training Create Peace of Mind

In 2011, Ditch Witch Sales, Inc., faced an unfortunate situation: losing support for their long-standing, customized dealer management system (DMS). So began the search for a new DMS, and according to Controller Laura DeClue, “We settled on a DMS provider and began the process of transitioning our data to them. But as we approached our go live day, we realized they simply weren’t ready for us. They didn’t have our data ready, and there were some inaccuracies in the data and how the system ‘flowed.’ The other system we looked at lacked compatibility with our accounting processes. We needed a system which matched our way of working. We decided to back out and really dug into the research process.”

As part of its research, Ditch Witch engaged CDK in a demo. “We liked the flow of the system, the screen-to-screen movement. We liked that IntelliDealer mirrored our old system pretty well, so we started the transition fresh with CDK,” says DeClue.

Support and Training From CDK Help Ditch Witch Sales Transition

According to DeClue, support from CDK has helped make IntelliDealer especially workable for Ditch Witch Sales. “With the system we previously selected, we might have a question for an add-on feature or something else we would like to do with the system. They couldn’t accommodate those requests, but CDK has been way more positive, and always looks into any request. Truthfully, they’ve attempted pretty much everything we’ve requested. We’re still working to perfect the system, and added a business about a year ago. As we continue to build IntelliDealer for our business, CDK has been very supportive.”

To prepare for their go live day, DeClue mentions that CDK worked hard to ensure all the data was ready to transition and was correct. “I thank them for that. I had another project going on at the same time we were moving to IntelliDealer, and CDK made sure everything was ready for us.”

We’re pleased with our decision to switch to CDK Global. By far, it was the best choice available to us when it came time to make the change.”
- Laura DeClue

She mentions that the training Ditch Witch Sales personnel received also helped make the transition process smooth. “CDK pushed us to complete the training and made sure we were ready for go live. The training itself was really great—a lot of hands-on learning, which was helpful because we had a lot to learn,” says DeClue.

Ditch Witch Sales Appreciates IntelliDealer Workflows

Ditch Witch Sales had been using its previous, custom DOS solution for many years, and, according to DeClue, the screen-to-screen workflows within IntelliDealer was a smooth navigation. “We liked that level of comfort, and there are many new features in IntelliDealer we really appreciate because it’s a Browser-based system. No matter what screen we’re in, for example, we can simply point and click to see any invoice, so that’s a lot smoother and simpler.”

DeClue also mentions that the integrated credit card functionality is important to the business: “It’s a big deal for us. Before, we had to post credit card transactions one-byone. Now, IntelliDealer pulls it all together for us.” She concludes: “We’re pleased with our decision to switch to CDK Global. By far, it was the best choice available to us when it came time to make the change.”

About Ditch Witch Sales, Inc.

A full-service equipment dealer with multiple branches comprised of two companies and seven branches, serving Missouri, central and southern Illinois, and eastern Kansas, as well as central and south Florida. Ditch Witch Sales, Inc., has been an authorized dealer of Ditch Witch equipment for more than 45 years. The company consults with its customers to find the right equipment for and maximize profitability on virtually any underground job.