Customer Story

RDO Equipment Co.

How IntelliDealer™ Insight helps RDO Equipment Co. take service
and efficiency to new heights

RDO Equipment Co. is a family business. Not because it has been owned and operated
by the Offutt family since 1968, but because the employees and customers of RDO Equipment Co. feel like they’re part of one very big, very loyal, family.

What began as one small John Deere dealership in Casselton, North Dakota, has grown into a leading provider of equipment and service for the agriculture and construction industries throughout the United States. What makes RDO Equipment Co. a family is its unified, unwavering commitment to customers’ success. Their customers know they are always in good hands and they trust them to help keep their businesses moving forward.

Keeping up with rapid industry growth and change requires an infrastructure that is equally as trustworthy as the people who run the business. Wayne Danielson, RDO Equipment Co. Aftermarket Systems Manager, saw an opportunity to take customer service to a new level and partnered with CDK Global Heavy Equipment to find the solutions they needed.

Danielson has been with RDO Equipment Co. for 42 years. He grew up in the agriculture and construction equipment industry and has worked in just about every corner of the company’s operations. “Customer satisfaction is always the first goal,” said Danielson. “We want to make sure we do what we say we’re going to do for our customers. Their equipment is their livelihood – so we needed a system in place that would guarantee our technical service teams were operating as efficiently as possible.”

Keeping Service Organized

Working with CDK Heavy Equipment, Danielson and his team are currently running Technician Scheduling, part of IntelliDealer™ Insight, at five RDO Equipment Co. locations. This system helps keep service details organized, accurate and complete, while optimizing Service labor time and costs, and overseeing the finance and administration process of product maintenance programs.

We needed to improve our Service repair commitment time to our customers, and we needed a way to streamline our Technicians’ time that both produced revenue for the company and provided fair pricing to our customers. The goal of using this technology is to make the Service Advisor’s job easier and more efficient and, even more important, make the customers’ experience better.” - Wayne Danielson

By partnering with businesses like RDO Equipment Co. to test new ideas and gain valuable feedback from customers, CDK Heavy Equipment can continue to develop programs that identify very specific needs of dealers.

Danielson explained that RDO Equipment Co. conducts its own internal customer surveys and will conduct one specifically focused on the “before and after” of this new system when the final testing phase is complete. The goal is that the feedback will reflect that the company is keeping customers more informed of the status of their repairs and completing the service faster and more efficiently.

When asked about one of the company’s success stories, Danielson shared a story that had an impact he hadn’t predicted.

“I was recently at one of our locations where we are beta testing the (Technician Scheduling) system. I asked one of the Service Advisors, ‘What is one of the biggest changes – on the peripheral – that you’ve seen since using this system?’ He replied, almost immediately, that they are now 99% paperless. He said, ‘There is no need to print schedules anymore because we can just look at the schedules on the screen. I can see repair hours, work hours, everything I need to make decisions. I don’t’ need a single piece of paper anymore.’ That was something I never saw coming. The value of the system just rose to a whole new level.”

Their equipment is their livelihood – so we needed a system in place that would guarantee our technical service teams were operating as efficiently as possible.” - Wayne Danielson

About RDO Equipment Co.

Founded in 1968, RDO Equipment Co. is a family owned and operated company that provides and supports innovative solutions for John Deere agriculture, construction, lawn and garden; Vermeer; Topcon; and RDO Water customers. The organization, with headquarters in Fargo, N.D., employs more than 2,300 team members. The company has 70 sales and service locations in nine U.S. states and partnerships in Russia, Ukraine, and Australia