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Tractor and Equipment

How Tractor and Equipment Company Produces Fast, Accurate Financial Reports with Continued Support from CDK

TEC’s customers include road builders, general contractors, coal miners, governmental, industrial, agricultural, forestry, aggregates, sand and gravel, limestone, marble, granite, and others. To meet the ever changing needs of their customers, TEC has worked to become one of the largest Komatsu dealers in the country. As a whole, they are very well respected in their industry.

According to Lloyd Adams, TEC’s CFO, “In our world, financial reporting is one of the most important things we do. Every month we’re responsible for producing 157 profit and loss reports, so when we were looking to transition to IntelliDealer this was something we focused on. Each month, 62 different people get different sets of P&L reports. Some of them get one report and some get a series of reports, but with IntelliDealer, CDK helped set it up so that we could transfer them out quickly. We can now get all of the reports out in minutes, which allows us to close the books over just two days. This is such an improvement for us. We are able to send the reports electronically on the first day, which gives our managers and executives 24 hours to verify that everything looks right. Then we send the final report at the end of the second day, and we’re finished until the next month. This saves us six hours a month and provides better and faster information for management decisions. We used to print hard copies to sort, collate, and send, and this took a lot of time to get everything to the right branch. IntelliDealer’s process saves us time, money, and mistakes.”

One of the best things about CDK is that they never think their job is done. Our CDK team listens to our ideas and works together with us to implement upgrades.” - Lloyd Adams

Tractor and Equipment Company
Appreciates CDK Support for All Areas of Business

TEC has been with CDK since 2006. According to Adams, “When we first started working with CDK, they had less than 800 locations. Now they’re up to about 1,300. CDK’s size has allowed them to shine. There are always other CDK customers and employees who are thinking of ways to solve problems we don’t even realize we have. If our manufacturers say we need to have an interface for warranty claims or auto stock orders, then CDK has already thought it through. It was easy for us and the OEM to figure out how to communicate the information because CDK has addressed this issue before with other manufacturers and dealers.

He concludes: “When you’re looking for a new system, you have to think about how many other people are on that system. CDK is the most widely used in the industry, and they’ve thought of almost everything because they have inevitably dealt with something similar with another dealership. They are always evolving and moving forward, and we have no plans to change from CDK Global. One of the best things about CDK is that they never think their job is done. Our CDK team listens to any new ideas we have and works together with us to implement upgrades.”

About Tractor and Equipment Company

The corporate office of Tractor and Equipment Company (TEC) is located in Birmingham, Alabama and has been in business for 70 years. This dealership has 23 locations in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, most of which offer state-of-the-art parts and service capabilities by utilizing the ultra-modern tools and technology needed to keep today’s Komatsu and all other TEC equipment lines operating at peak efficiency.