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Easily create an effective online storefront

If you haven’t yet thought about your dealership’s entrance into the “online marketplace”, the time is now. With eMerchandise, make it a reality.

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Systems Requirements
  • Windows®Vista Business, 2000
    or XP Pro SP2 Operating System
  • Processor and memory size based on Operating System recommendations
    (or greater)
  • Internet Explorer 5+
  • Ethernet Ready
  • IBM® Power6™ recommended, scaled by number of users
  • 8 GB RAM for server
    or greater, depending on number of users
  • VPN access to server via Internet
  • 512 Kbps remote
    store connection, determined by number
    of devices
  • Current CDK system release
  • Current IBM OS release
  • LANSA® License
  • Internet connection
  • Firewall solution recommended

As an add-on to the MyDealer Access suite, eMerchandise allows you to easily set up and maintain a professionally-designed online store for your dealership, and provides a convenient alternative for those customers who want to see what merchandise your company offers. Shopping on your eMerchandise site is easy for your customers, who experience your store in their browser, with an easy-to-navigate look and feel, including familiar web elements like links, icons, buttons, menu bars, and tabs. Once at your site, customers can view, select, and purchase items with just a few mouse clicks.

Make More Money, More Easily
With eMerchandise, you can give your customers something your competitors may not be offering: integrated e-business applications. As transactions in eMerchandise occur electronically, which is a time and money saver, your counter staff spend less time dealing with inquiries, as customers can view classified products online, as well as access their account information. The benefit is that your sales and service departments are able to concentrate on walk-in business, which increases “in person” service levels.

Compete on a Higher Level
eMerchandise allows for commerce over the Internet. For your customers’ convenience, with eMerchandise you can offer a store that is always open, so that transactions can occur on their schedule, and not the dealership’s. Your eMerchandise site gives your customers remote purchasing power, with the same quality of service received at your “bricks and mortar” operation. As well, you can increase the exposure of inventory that is not “turning” at a high rate and also collect customer information.

Customer Benefits
Create convenience for your customers, and as a result, increase loyalty and retention. For example, you can host your site both inside and outside of MyDealer Access, which allows your customers to access the eMerchandise web site without logging in, so they can browse your online offerings—such as toys, books and other manufacturer-logoed merchandise, safety items, and equipment service manuals. Once the customer—either registered, or non-registered—is ready to buy, they can log in, add the item or items to their shopping cart, and then complete the payment transaction, see a subtotal and, once the order is placed, print a record of the order. Your customers can then—as per your authorization settings—access the MyDealer Access suite, which further extends your online dealership services.

Key Features
  • Customize eMerchandise's colors, text, and language
  • Your dealership’s terms of service, privacy policy and shipping information can be added as links
  • Upon purchase, your internal eMerchandise order recipient is automatically notified of order details for processing, and a business-system order can also be created at the time of the transaction
  • Configure and maintain eMerchandise from within MyDealer Access’ web administration application, where you can set up categories, classes and subclasses of products, for example: Tractors > Diecast > Ertl
  • Specify which credit cards you want to accept during customer checkout—Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club, as well as manufacturer or store-specific cards that are pre-configured, for selection by customers with an MyDealer Access User ID*
  • Use the intuitive interface to add new products, pictures, descriptions and prices
  • Allows for HTML-formatted product descriptions, thumbnail images and an expanded product view
  • Products that vary by size and color can be entered individually, with size and color information
  • Specify sale prices and dates for the “Specials” store section, as well as products to be “Featured Items”

    *Digital certificate required; no online authorization performed—credit-card number capture only
For More Information
For more information about eMerchandise, email us at or call 519-474-5212.