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Margin Worksheet

Protect your margin through comprehensive deal review

Margin Worksheet provides a customizable approach to managing and approving equipment quotes before presenting them to the customer.

A worksheet is prepared with the selling price, equipment description and serial number, manufacturer discounts, trade-ins, additional costs and reserves, and then presented to management for approval. If the required margin is not achieved within the quote, the manager can revise, deny or accept the worksheet, or send it to a higher management level for review.

Once management approves the quote, it can be printed and presented for your customer’s approval. And because Margin Worksheet is integrated with IntelliDealer™, all important customer and equipment data are imported automatically. Your accounting team easily and automatically can convert an approved quote into an invoice to reduce errors and speed up the Sales and billing processes.

Margin Worksheet helps with:

When you work with customers to sell equipment, it is important to not only offer a seamless customer service experience … you also need to maintain your dealership’s profitability. Margin Worksheet can help make your equipment quoting process both more profitable and more effective.

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