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Purchase Order System

An integrated order-management tool

CDK Purchase Order System

The Purchase Order System helps you efficiently manage your acquisition of equipment, fixed assets, and miscellaneous items such as office supplies, computer supplies and furniture. This integrated order-management tool also allows you to create stock numbers that integrate with the accounts payable module in the IntelliDealer Dealership Management System.

With the Purchase Order System you can easily create miscellaneous, equipment, or fixed asset purchase orders and then work with each type in the IntelliDealer interface. The system gives you the choice to use either an automatically-assigned order number or to create your own, and then allows you to apply integrated accounts payable vendor information to the order, and adjust the order’s item, shipping and freight details.

For equipment purchase orders, you can modify stock, price and inventory information. When creating fixed asset orders, the Purchase Order System allows you to manage asset, depreciation, and maintenance account details. Miscellaneous purchase orders allow you the choice to enable accounts payable integration, note purchase order taxation and assign items to specific general ledger accounts, default all items to one general ledger account or distribute an item over several general ledger accounts and profit centers.

Save Time and Effort
The Purchase Order System allows Dealers to save time and effort by eliminating the need to manually track and store equipment and miscellaneous purchase order details. Integrated with IntelliDealer’s accounts payable, the Purchase Order System allows you to automatically import information such as invoice amount, account number and stock number when creating a new A/P voucher. Also, you can eliminate the keying of repetitive information, by copying sections of a purchase order, or making a duplicate copy of a purchase order, which is useful for commonly ordered items.

Ease of Use
The Purchase Order System incorporates familiar look and feel, making it intuitive and easy to use. At any moment you are one click away from accessing key information in other IntelliDealer modules. This can be useful for when you want to reference the equipment profile, the vendor profile or the customer profile while creating a purchase order.

Key Features
  • Create equipment stock numbers that integrate with the dealer business system
  • The system will assign stock numbers — or let the user key in stock numbers for on-order or received equipment purchase orders
  • Add base and option codes without leaving the equipment P.O.
  • Uses the full equipment profile window when adding a stock number
  • Email a purchase order
  • Record correspondence with the vendor to keep track of order status
  • A status report is available
  • Multiple search capabilities
  • Previously ordered items for miscellaneous and fixed-asset purchase orders are saved and can be retrieved on a future P.O.
  • Using print preview, print purchase orders on a local or network printer
  • Work with or compare multiple purchase orders
For More Information
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