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Management Central

Keep your finger on the pulse of your dealership

IntelliDealer's Management Central allows dealership management to obtain accurate, real-time data in order to provide a business “dashboard”. Business Intelligence is the result, through the browser-based analysis of customer, parts, equipment, service, and financial information.

This critical data is represented through a browser -- the most common and recognizable interface available -- as well as through intuitive bar graphs and pie charts. The displayed information is live -- so important changes can be picked up immediately, helping you to react promptly and appropriately.


Through immediate access to customer information, Management Central CRM -- Customer Relationship Management -- helps you to know your customers better, which helps you to serve them better. CRM automates and helps improve the business processes involved with managing customer relationships in sales, marketing, and support. Access key customer information, such as profile, outstanding accounts receivable, contacts, invoice history, parts purchases and equipment and rental information. Analyze where your customers are located, and capture information such as top purchasers of equipment, parts, and other items. Analysis of service sales, rental revenue and total purchasers is available, based on geographic criteria or business classifications. Also access the call profile system and analyze the calls your staff makes.


Financial provides on-demand, real-time access to -- and control of -- your financial resources. Perform a progressive analysis of receivables -- before they become a problem. As an example, obtain a summarized aging breakdown of your accounts receivable, with the capability to receive detail on the individual invoices. You can also perform a credit-limit analysis showing which customers have reached or surpassed a percentage of their credit limit, or view a summarized aging of your accounts payable in order to see which vendors you owe. Additionally, look up the vendor's history, the distribution details, and attach memos to the vendor's record.

A top-level view of the financial information with drill-down capacity is also a part of Financial Management, starting with the account balance, then the journal and, finally, the actual invoice. Search through all the invoices in the system and view on-screen with the option of going into the G/L details. You have the capacity to analyze area sales, based on location, date range, customer, or salesperson. Compare two date ranges for trending purposes. Financial ratios allow you to gain insight into the absolute performance of your business, as well as relative to AED's industry numbers. Profitability, activity, liquidity, and coverage information is available, and you can also build custom financial reports to extract the information you need.


Quickly locate individual parts within your dealership, view and analyze all critical parts data, and view sales history and inventory receipts. Classification fields on the parts can be used to analyze your parts inventory, including previous sales quantities, on order, year-to-date sales, special order and lost sales. In addition, view open sales orders so you know exactly how much money is pending and in process for parts orders.


Gain a tighter control over your service department -- and consequently increase efficiency -- by viewing key data. Display all the open work orders in your system, and see the technician assigned, the estimated completion date, and number of days open. Also, through aged work-in-progress, view how much money has been invested in service work that has yet to be billed. You can also view all service contracts and their corresponding details.


You have the ability to tap into and analyze critical unit information, including machine details and equipment breakdown. See details in the individual invoices, and view the age of your fleet in order to calculate how often your inventory turns over. As well, view warranty expiration dates, which can allow you the opportunity to upsell extended service contracts. Analyze your lost sales by the competitor name, make, and model. View your equipment inventory that is available for rent, which units are scheduled to go out on rent, units that are in your shop, and determine whether a rental unit is overdue. Get the details of the rental units, and create a two-step utilization report.

Key Features
  • Review statistics numerically or graphically with the dashboard.
  • Choose from over 20 summary views including customer relationship management, financial, equipment, service, and parts information.
  • Get accurate, real-time data.
    Progressively analyze receivables -- before they become a problem.
  • Access key customer, finance, equipment, parts, and marketing information with Data Miner, a data-access utility.
For More Information
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Data Miner
Only available in IntelliDealer Management Central, Data Miner allows you to build your own data- access views: include specific columns, selection criteria and sort order to easily organize the key data you wish to extract. Access any IBM eServer i5 library or file that you need to -- or grant others access with appropriate security levels -- within the universal browser-based interface. Queries are based on the files, columns, and rows you specify, allowing you to extract the customer, finance, equipment, parts, and marketing information needed to make management-level decisions. Once created, you can save the query for future use, copy it to other users, or modify it as you require.