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Build and customize reports with IBM's Query/400

Use IBM's Query/400 to build and customize CDK Management Reports to best suit your business needs!

Systems Requirements
  • IBM Query/400
  • CDK IDDU file specifications

Any manager knows how important management reports are in running a successful business. Reports can help put in perspective the kind of business your company is doing, and can include anything from customer information, payroll totals, technician and time details, to equipment rental and General Ledger information.

Query/400 is an easy-to-use, menu-driven software program that fully integrates with the CDK Dealership Management System, allowing you to query any CDK file and write management reports based on the information you select. You have the freedom to define and format reports, while extracting vital, specific, data that is produced with the everyday use of your CDK system. The Query/400 program gives you the ability to put extracted data into various formats to make it as easy as possible to read, and also supplies on-line help if users require additional information for any screen or prompt. A powerful and useful tool, Query/400 extends its capabilities to both large and small CDK customers, allowing each company the capability to produce reports that meet the very specific (and significant) needs of their business!

Use the Query/400 program to customize CDK Management Reports! You have the ability to extract information from any file that CDK has in its database and build any type of report you wish. You can rewrite reports, give your queries descriptive names, and change your queries at any time.

Data Selection Made Easy
Helpful Sort/Selection screens, which use operator and condition codes, are used to designate which records you would like to select from the CDK file database. Sort/Selection screens allow you to determine as many combinations of data as you choose and are important for determining what (and how much) detail is going to show up on each report. As an added bonus, Sort/Selection screens are already familiar territory to most CDK system users!

Query Libraries
You can create many queries and maintain your own personal library where the query report information will be saved. Security features protect your library so only you (or a specified number of people) can access your query information.

You can control the formatting of any extracted data for printing and display on a workstation, or you can save the data in a database file (.dbf) and then download it into PC software to allow for easy manipulation.

Query/400 is menu-driven: Menus that are provided throughout the query definition process support various functions such as create, change, copy, delete, and run queries, thus making the program navigation process easier for all Query/400 users!

File Description
CDK provides a File Description program that users can use to print a layout of all the file names that are eligible to query.

On-line Help
On-line Help is available to assist users from any screen or prompt by simply pressing the <F1> key to bring up the easy-to-use on-line manual.

For More Information
For more information about CDK and Query/400, email us at or call 519-474-5212.