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Manage your equipment, parts, rental and service

IntelliDealer Product Support enhances a dealership's aftermarket product support effort by assisting dealerships in aspects of business that are of bottom-line significance. Product Support aids the sale of service labor and the management of equipment assets and parts.


Equipment provides a comprehensive management point from which to view and maintain your equipment data, assisting your product support's effort to improve your customers' dealership experience.

IntelliDealer Product Support Equipment is integral to your dealership's effort in meeting customer needs with regard to equipment handling. As it is imperative that you are able to efficiently manage your fleets and maintain -- or improve -- customer-service levels, service problems such as incomplete equipment information and confusion regarding your inventory should be eliminated. All of this is critical when you consider that your product support effort -- and its relevance to absorption -- is redundant unless market penetration is achieved. Product Support Equipment helps you effectively manage information regarding machine location and its movement and use, as well as machine specifications, options, and parts. An improved knowledge base for equipment inventory is a high priority, as your Product Support Sales Representatives will be more "equipment savvy", and therefore offer improved customer service.

Increase Equipment Management Potential
Product Support Equipment helps you manage all aspects of equipment distribution and give your customers the answers they need. The equipment profile allows you to maintain your equipment inventory and access critical details such as costing, machine hours, configuration, MyDealer Access sales information, machine history, and make and model information. Your product support personnel are empowered by Equipment's easy access to a depth of information, such as machine specifications, supplier and financial information, base and option prices, attachments, parts, and machine images or other multimedia.

Accurate equipment quotes are critical to customer service, and these quotes can include trade-in details, parts, and miscellaneous charges. You can convert the quotes directly and easily into an invoice once the customer accepts the quote, and a built-in interface simplifies quote accessibility through CDK MyDealer Access.

Product Support Strength
Your product support effort is made more professional through the quality invoices that can be produced. This is also useful in that all of your invoice information is stored in one place, making your dealership more organized and efficient. As well, quotes can be accepted into invoices, and efficiency is created here, as re-keying is not necessary. All accounting entries are handled as well -- in order to meet all of your invoicing needs. Invoice history is also available and lets you perform an invoice search by date, invoice number, type, or customer. You can impress your customers with your ability to fax, print, or e-mail their invoices.

Equipment also allows you to quickly set up and maintain service agreements, which help ensure that your sales and service staff maintain regular communication with their customers through the scheduling and performance of maintenance, the definition of the programs to be sold, and the assignment of equipment to the agreement.

Shipping transportation methods are more complex and critical than ever, and with Equipment, your product support team can keep pace. All of your shipping details can be kept current and organized, as well as the movement of equipment through traffic receipts, allowing you to post shipping, stock, and customer site information, and add descriptive comments. You need to know where your shipments have gone, when they went out, who shipped them, and when they were received and, with Equipment, you do.

Key Features: Equipment
  • Easily and effectively manage equipment-related data
  • Maintain all of the information related to each piece of equipment and keep inventory descriptions accurate
  • Increase the knowledge base of your sales staff through in-depth equipment details
  • Manage the movement of your equipment inventory, and track where and why it is being moved
  • Keep pace with increased equipment sales and rental numbers
  • Oversee data related to service agreements


Superior service is an important factor in what keeps your customers returning to your dealership. With IntelliDealer's Product Support Service, enhance your dealership's customer relations by keeping service details more organized, accurate, and complete.

IntelliDealer Product Support Service helps you deliver the quality product support that is integral to the interaction between your dealership and your customers. A product support department's goals should be to reduce operating costs for owners, protect the residual value of equipment and, ultimately, provide an adequate return on the product support investment. The broad goal is the proper operation of equipment, and therefore dealerships need to have the necessary equipment and parts available -- and a flexible and integrated management system to oversee this.

Service aids in the optimization of service labor, and helps to increase the quality of your product support program. With Service, dealership staff can form better relationships with their customers through the delivery of better and more timely service, and by overseeing the finance and administration of product maintenance programs.

Manage Service Data
A high-quality source of information is available with Service, a source that includes data concerning machine population, detail, and usage, customer profiles, technician availability, work-order reconciliation, resource management, shipping, and equipment tracking. Included in Service is service work-order maintenance, management and technician views, a flexible and integrated quoting system, the implementation of job codes, time card and work-order integration, service agreements that help you meet your dealership's service-labor potential, and the tracking of the current and historical movement of equipment.

Efficiency increases, and the consequent dollar savings, are attainable through Service, as it allows you to keep track of the service-time associated with -- and the details of -- work orders. As well, Service gives your technicians views of a wide range of information, with full detail such as machine service history, work-order history and work-order summaries. In order to simplify the work-order generation process, you can define job codes. Also, stay up-to-date on work in progress, and work-order details like customer information, work required, and the dollar value of the order.

Improved Customer Relations and Retention
Service helps you coordinate technician schedules, which smooths operations, increases efficiency and, through its included work-order assignment capability, assists the service department in cleaning up stray work orders, which reduces customer callbacks and frustration. As well, create accurate equipment service quotes -- containing labor costs, required parts, and miscellaneous charges -- and relay them to your customers by creating orders in MyDealer Access.

Key Features: Service
  • Quickly set up and maintain service agreements -- to be used internally or sold to customers -- by first defining the programs, then assigning the equipment to the agreement and easily creating work orders for scheduled jobs
  • Utilize graphs in order to determine service technicians' availability
    View the status of the work areas in your shop, and which work orders are assigned to that area
  • Keep all of your shipping details current and organized, and keep track of the movement of equipment by generating traffic receipts
  • Look up the hours, dollars, parts, labor, segments and work orders that technicians have charged within a specified period of time
  • Perform an invoice search by date, invoice number, or customer


IntelliDealer Product Support Parts helps you manage your parts inventory and streamline your business processes. Know exactly where your parts are, where they're going, and which ones are in the greatest demand.

IntelliDealer Product Support Parts gives users the ability to utilize order-formula codes and view parts sales, as well as view and maintain parts profiles, quotes, invoices, and invoice history. With Parts, it's simple to sell parts to work orders, keep track of the sales history of each part, and look up parts for your customers. In order to help meet your inventory requirements, the Parts lookup screen features a link to the PartFinder facility. Users attain a new level of parts-ordering control and improve operations through parts sourcing control of those hard-to-find parts.

In addition to its Product Support integration, Parts is linked with IntelliDealer as a whole: in Management Central, see the top parts items that have sold this year; in Financial Management, see a detailed invoice that can be printed, e-mailed, or faxed for customer or internal use and, conversely, take advantage of Parts' account-entry information that is up-to-date; and in Customer Care, drill down on customer numbers for a parts purchases list by date, invoice number, part number, or description, or create a marketing campaign based on customers with outstanding parts balances of greater than $1000.

As well, Parts works in concert with manufacturer-based parts catalogs, is interfaced with CDK's Signature Pad technology -- which captures signatures directly through sales ordering -- and other CDK products like MyDealer Access. As an example, you can specify that a quote should be displayed in MyDealer Access. This allows you to extend dealership processes to your customers, who can, through their MyDealer Access account, conveniently view and accept new or historical quotes, or request a requote.

Streamline Processes
As a result of this integration, business practices and workflows can be made more efficient. As an example, authorized staff working in Parts can access the customer's current accounts receivable balance and, as well, can view a detailed breakdown by account/aging period and the balance amount. Also, with Parts, you can accept a quote directly from the quote header, and transform it to an invoice or initiate an inquiry for a parts request. Additionally, the work order parts requisition function allows users to switch modes in order to sell parts directly to service work orders.

Parts' alternate charge capability gives you internal billing flexibility, so you can debit a sales order to any G/L account, allowing you to, for example, charge an operator's manual directly to the inventory unit by entering a stock number and its corresponding G/L account number, or charge shop supplies directly to the service department expense account by entering the G/L account number.

Inventory Sourcing
For those customers that have checked their branch locations for an item and have cross-referenced substitutes, Parts is integrated with PartFinder, a searchable database where searches can be conducted by whole or partial part number, as well as by country, state or province. PartFinder provides access to nearly 2 million parts, representing thousands of different vendor lines, and is an efficient way to find and sell used, discontinued, or specialty equipment parts.

Key Features: Parts
  • Creates invoices
  • Records lost sales for analysis
  • Unit identification associates parts with equipment units
  • Access parts inventory information
  • For purchases, see the date, quantity, order number and type, status, and the parts-per-package
  • Accept a quote directly from the quote header, and transfer it directly into an invoice
  • Set up quotes as inquiries for parts requests
  • Update details, accounts receivable agency, comments, memos, and alternate charges
  • Invoices that still have unbilled parts are highlighted
  • Switch modes to sell parts directly to service work orders throughout work-order parts requisitions
  • See invoice and G/L details by date range, and then print, e-mail, or fax them to customers
  • Screen elements and data are shown contextually


Enjoy the benefits of accessing all of your integrated rental business information in one place. Rental helps you track your rental fleet from a user’s own branch or across the enterprise. Rental’s powerful search screens drive the all-important selection of units in order to improve customer service and satisfaction, while optimizing the profitability of your rental fleet.

Access to information
The result of a user-focused design process, Rental features a simple interface where operators easily open and close contracts and build invoices. Rental’s tabular design lets you conveniently configure the agreement with the Contract tab, check fleet status with the Availability tab in order give customers quick status updates, and then use the additional functions to further configure the contract.

The Availability function allows you to sort and view rental units by category/class/sub-class, stock number, hours or utilization—and over the date range you require. The powerful graphic overview lets you determine your available, scheduled, overdue, warning-marked, shop-due and preventative maintenance-flagged rental units. You can also drill down for equipment profile information. When a unit is selected, Rental intuitively switches to the details screen, where the unit’s rental duration and rates are shown and the option exists to override those values.

Rental’s integration with IntelliDealer™ provides a number of advantages, including the following:

Efficiency and accuracy
Rental streamlines the billing process and helps improve customer service and satisfaction. It can also be used to show your customers that you are billing them on an accurate and timely basis, reducing the number of manual calculations. Rental has the ability to automatically calculate or adjust rental payments on equipment that have either exceeded the original rental term or been returned before the due date. This process allows the system to determine the most appropriate billing amount, based on actual rental time, and where necessary, automatically credit the customer’s account.

For More Information
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GPS Integration

CDK's Global Positioning System (GPS) interfaces allow you to keep track of your equipment inventory that is on the move. IntelliDealer is interfaced with a variety of suppliers ’ GPS systems that are located on the machine, and can pick up information from the unit itself for items such as machine hour meter readings, geographic location, and current engine status.