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CDK IntelliTech

Much more than just a time-logging system

CDK IntelliTech provides service technicians and their supervisors with the requisite tools to boost efficiency and improve customer service.

IntelliTech is a browser-based time management and information system that streamlines processes for service technicians, empowering them in their ability to more effectively perform their jobs.

Work Order Management
Work orders are viewed as segments in IntelliTech, in order to define exactly what service is required on a particular machine. To speed time-logging and reduce time wastage, each technician “logs on” to their assigned segment via the simple click of a button. Technicians can also view a “virtual timecard” in order to view that day’s work orders. The technician also has the ability to view information such as work order summaries, work order history, and the repair history of a particular machine—data they previously obtained by speaking to their supervisor.

Technician Efficiency
IntelliTech, through the maintenance of accurate technician time logs and technicians’ increased ability to manage work-flows, is designed to improve the efficiency of service technicians and provide them with more control over their jobs. IntelliTech gives technicians a “personalized desktop”, and eliminates the need for technicians to leave their work stations in order to input information at a central computer, or to obtain work order or machine information from another department.

Through the increased quantity and quality of information that is available, IntelliTech gives technicians more power to service machines. They can also view historical information in order to aid diagnostic processes. In order to reduce technician idle time, IntelliTech also provides options to add a second technician to a work order, or to assist another technician with a work order, or to add their own comments directly to work orders, as well as the ability to send messages to other terminals or through e-mail.

Security helps keep managers and supervisors in control. As an example, IntelliTech could be configured to allow a technician to log out only once for lunch and once for the end of the day. In addition, technicians have access to specified information only at the discretion of the system administrator, and the system can be easily modified to adjust access levels.

Key Features

Technicians can:
  • Log on to specific work orders; log off for breaks and lunch
  • See an online “virtual” time card
  • Drill down into machine details, including historical work orders

Supervisors can view a list of current jobs, containing:
  • Technician assigned
  • Work order number
  • Work order description
  • Start date and time
  • Elapsed work-order time
For More Information
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