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Label Printing Solution

With IntelliDealer Product Support, you can now print crisp and clear
parts, equipment, customer and vendor labels using IntelliDealer’s
Label Printing Solution.

The Label Printing Solution enables you to easily go from printing parts and equipment labels to customer and vendor address labels without the need to change media. Whether you need to print just one label or need to label an entire group of parts or equipment, IntelliDealer’s label layout is preformatted – simply select the fields you want to include on the label and let IntelliDealer do the rest.

With IntelliDealer Product Support’s Parts application, you can easily build barcode labels to suit the location in which it will be used. For parts that are destined for the showroom, you can add price and description. For management of all parts and in conjunction with IntelliDealer’s Wireless Inventory Control, you can add bin location and barcode to conduct an inventory count.

In fact, you can receive a scanned barcode into inventory, add a part to a pick list, display detailed information about a part and even change the part’s bin location. With five optional fields that are retrieved through IntelliDealer parts inventory, you can customize the content to meet your dealership’s needs.

parts label

In conjunction with IntelliDealer Product Support’s Equipment application, Wireless Inventory Control and Traffic module, you can create equipment labels with up to seven optional fields. By simply scanning the completed label, you can track equipment on the lot, track check-in and check-out as well as display and edit equipment details.

equipment label

Mailing Labels
Through IntelliDealer, you have the ability to build your own mailing list and print customer and vendor labels – without the need for third-party label programs.

mailing label

Note: The label images on this web page may not appear actual size (2.75" x 1.25").

CDK offers 2.75” x 1.25” thermal transfer labels. Choosing the type of label and media will depend on where the label will be adhered. For labeling equipment the tear-, scratch-, smear-, and heat- resistant labels are the optimal choice in extreme environments. For in-house, standard environments, such as part and address labeling, a simple tear-resistant label is the better choice.

At the heart of IntelliDealer’s Label Printing Solution is the Zebra S4M direct thermal/thermal transfer printer. Constructed of metal, the Zebra S4M is suited to the harsh dealership environment. This label printer can print up to 6” (152mm) of the label roll per second, which means less time waiting for your labels and more time applying them.

zebra printerPrinter Features

Note: Currently, the S4M is the only model supported by IntelliDealer

Key Features
  • Print labels directly from IntelliDealer
  • Works in conjunction with Wireless Inventory Control and Traffic module
  • Print one or multiple labels at a time

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