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PFW PartFinder

Sell used, discontinued, or specialty equipment parts

With nearly two million parts, representing thousands of different vendor lines, PFW PartFinder is the best tool to find and sell used, discontinued, or specialty equipment parts.

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How does it Work?
PFW PartFinder is a database that is totally searchable by whole or partial part number, as well as by country, state or province. Search results show part description, location, quantity available, price, and more.

Once you have found the part you are looking for, click on the "Order Online" button to process your order. Got questions? Simply click on the "Dealer Details" button. Want to contact the vendor directly from PartFinder? Click the "Email Us" button. It's that simple.

Why PartFinder?
Question: Do you have obsolete parts, or parts that can no longer be returned to the manufacturer, that are collecting dust on your shelves?
Question: Have you ever had trouble trying to locate a specific part for a customer that is no longer supplied by one of your vendors?

If the answer to either of these questions is YES, PartFinder is just the marketing tool you're looking for. Send us your parts today – your first three months of parts listings
are free!

For More Information
If you would like more information about listing your parts on PFW PartFinder, please contact at (519) 474-3300 or visit