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IntelliDealer Service Agreements

Strengthen customer relationships through service agreements

IntelliDealer Service Agreements is completely integrated and allows dealerships to set up and maintain equipment service agreements for sale, or for internal use.

Communication with Customers
Service Agreements helps ensure that your sales and service staff maintain regular communication with their customers through the scheduling and performance of maintenance. The system automatically calculates future scheduled job dates, and assists you in arranging and coordinating jobs. As well, through an integration with MyDealer Access, customers can access their service contracts, update machine details, schedule service, and send your dealership messages.

With Service Agreements, scheduled job dates for each service agreement are automatically calculated during the nightly database reorganization. You can also recalculate service dates in order to force the system to immediately determine new dates for unscheduled service jobs, and update the usage-per-week information.

Centralized Data Organization
When using Service Agreements, take advantage of the system’s central source of information and control. This allows you to better service those customers whose work may occur in more than one branch and helps you avoid missed or duplicated service, as well creating a consistency of service and pricing across the dealership.

Service Agreements is completely integrated within IntelliDealer, so work orders and customer accounts, for example, remain up-to-date without having to re-key information. Information regarding the tasks necessary to complete a particular service job is close at hand so that technicians won’t miss job steps. This also eliminates their need to continuously reference job descriptions. Additionally, you can drill down to a wealth of contract, equipment and work-order information.

Add-on and Equipment Sales
Selling service agreements can also mean you’ll have an advantage in securing other add-on and equipment sales. As customers return for regular service, a trust relationship with your dealership is built and customer loyalty is increased.

Key Features
  • A simple setup allows for the definition of the programs you wish to sell, and then the assignment of equipment to those programs
  • See machine details—including margin, costing, history, base and options breakdown, and open work orders
  • Sort your contracts in order to identify those that have expired, and which you should expire—now that the original agreement may have come to a close
  • Manage your rental fleet and schedule regular maintenance and safety checkups
  • Create open-ended contracts for your own units, optimize the scheduling of your service trucks, and make special recommendations for machines
  • Keep track of reserved, billed, and projected profit dollar amounts for each agreement and, accordingly, see profit increases
For More Information
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