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Signature Pad Sharing Solution

Your transition to a paper-free environment

Electronically capture customer signatures and speed up the payment-processing cycle.

System Requirements
  • Windows®Vista Business, 2000
    or XP Pro SP2 Operating System
  • Network portion of IBM Operations
  • IBM System Director Navigator for i5/OS
  • USB or serial port
  • Current CDK system release
  • Current IBM OS release

Have you ever made an in-store credit card purchase and used a special inkless pen on a computer screen for your endorsement? If so, you have already been introduced to the beginning of a paperless environment.

Improve Customer Service
Your customers will appreciate the fact that your Transaction Team™ terminal allows you to save their signatures electronically, which allows you to quickly resolve any disputes that arise over misplaced receipts. As well, because customers can view their signature when signing on the LCD window, there is an easy transition for users, as the system’s “look and feel” is that of the familiar experience of using pen and paper.

Return on Investment
A signature transaction terminal quickly pays for itself—and then starts saving you money—by eliminating the need to store or track paper. The passive pen technology—a plastic stylus that enables the user to interact with the display—eliminates expensive electronic pens and messy ink pens. As well, the system stores signatures on the IBM server, which prevents charge-backs from lost receipts.

How it Works
You can use the Signature Pad Solution at the point of sale in any of IntelliDealer Rental, Service, Equipment, or Parts Invoicing, and it is also supported in the Sales Orders and Rental modules of CDK’s legacy system. The terminal features a patented pressure-sensitive screen technology that allows you to capture customer signatures. Signatures will print on the sales-order invoice if the CDK laser forms overlay feature – not available for dot matrix invoice printing – is used. The signature can now print on a reprinted invoice through IntelliDealer’s Invoice History, as well as other applicable areas of IntelliDealer. Rugged and reliable, the terminal’s light weight and portability make it an ideal solution for adding electronically captured signatures for use in your dealership, and also contributes to security and enables ID-card imaging.

Key Features
  • View signatures simultaneously on a monitor, giving you a visual comparison with the original card
  • Integration with the business system lets you directly capture signatures in several areas of the business system
  • Built for durability, the terminal is compact enough to fit even the smallest customer checkout counters

Card Reader
The CDK signature pad has the ability to read credit cards via the magnetic stripe reader. This reader can accurately enter the card number into IntelliDealer to efficiently process the transaction and can be used with all CDK’s credit card interfaces.

For More Information
For more information about Signature Transaction Terminals, email us at or call 519-474-5212.