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Task Tracker

Manage your projects and processes with IntelliDealer’s
newest module.

Located outside IntelliDealer’s four key applications under Quick Links, the Task Tracker application is a job-process tracking system that can assist in the successful completion of activities not typically managed through
a Dealership Management System.

Task Tracker allows users to create and define internal and external tasks by simply selecting a task type and inputting corresponding details such as responsibilities of different project personnel, automatic email notification settings and due dates. Customizable to meet changing needs, Task Tracker enables the user to define the task types and create up to five customized screens associated with each type. A single-screen dashboard helps to manage workflow and shows each user what tasks they are involved in and what their next step is.

How it Works

Task Tracker allows users to create customized screens for each task, listing the details of exactly what needs to be completed. After the initial set-up of the task, the user can then name the task and apply a due date, status, priority and department as well as create a list of all users who will participate in the task. Once the task is created and the status is set to “In Progress”, a notification will be sent – by e-mail or Home Page message – to inform each member of the project team of the task.

Other available fields for the task include customer or stock number – which can be linked to the task – as well as a branch number and a more detailed description, if applicable, of the task. These additional fields allow each member of the project team to better understand the task and successfully complete their portion of it.

Once the task is ready and each member of the project team is notified, each individual user can then review the details and action they need to take. Each user has the ability to enter comments regarding the task, provide information on how the project is doing or what roadblocks they might be facing. Upon the completion of their portion of the task, each user can then go to a custom screen to show the other users on the task that their portion of the project has been completed.

Add Task/Action

Custom Screens

The custom screens are designed in an easy-to-configure row/column layout. Users are able to define fields with predefined lists, mandatory entry rules, check boxes, text columns, background colours, mandatory entry colours, dates and field widths.

For More Information
For more information about Task Tracker, email us at or call 519-474-5212.


Examples of Use
  • Equipment Sale Financing
  • New Employee
  • Rental Return Equipment Mainenance