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Track the movement of your inventory

Co-ordinate and trace equipment movement through access to a wide range of integrated customer, equipment and delivery information—all within a system that automatically maintains data integrity.

Accessible through IntelliDealer Product Support, Traffic is fully integrated, browser-based, and always online, so that changes made to equipment records at any point during the shipping process are immediate, and reflect instantly.

Traffic assists your inventory management: keep all of your shipping details current and organized—so you can readily find out where your shipments are, who shipped them, and when they went out and were received.

A Wealth of Data
Containing a wide range of information, including customer and equipment details, Traffic allows you the freedom to post additional data to each equipment item you work with. Salesperson, shipper, priority, shipping instructions, map book co-ordinates, customer site addresses, and estimated and actual shipping costs are examples of the information that makes for the more effective scheduling and tracking of equipment movement.

Traffic allows many different types and subtypes of transactions, such as Demos, Loaners, Branch Transfers, Sales, and Rent-to-Purchase. For easy reference, Traffic also allows users to see, through the flagging of equipment items, whether the item is Inbound or Outbound, Picked Up or Delivered.

Error Control
The controls in Traffic alert you if there are any discrepancies or errors on equipment items being shipped. This ensures that no item gets shipped on two receipts, and updates you when items are shipped from a different site than was originally specified. By allowing the creation of stock or part “add-on units”, Traffic eliminates the keying of multiple receipts when shipping items to the same site.

You also have the ability to create “Held” status receipts, which allow equipment items to be put on a reserve status for a pre-determined time. Integral to record keeping, Traffic creates a history record for each equipment item—as well as for any attachments—once delivery of the equipment item is completed.

Traffic also allows you to search by part or stock number, and its security can be applied as per parts or stock access. As a dealership’s inventory turns over and equipment items change status and location, CDK’s Traffic assists with dynamic management by providing quality equipment-record details. As well, Traffic works in tandem with CDK Rental Counter to help optimize the profitability of a dealership’s rental fleet.

Key Features
  • Browser-based and always online
  • Equipment record changes immediately reflected
  • Schedule and track equipment movement through a wide variety of information
  • Allows many different transaction types and subtypes
  • Eliminates the keying of multiple receipts when shipping items to the same site
  • Creates a history record for equipment items and attachments
  • Search by part or stock number
  • Apply security as per parts or stock access
  • Complements CDK Rental Counter
For More Information
For more information about Traffic, email us at or call 519-474-5212.