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Used Equipment Evaluation

Improve your used equipment sales initiative

IntelliDealer Used Equipment Evaluation provides sales, service, and management staff with a tool to help them work together to produce accurate evaluations—as well as perform and record inspections of trade-in equipment.
Trade-in values for equipment could be the deciding factor in whether or not your prospective deal will turn into a sale. This necessitates a process to accurately evaluate incoming used equipment.

The Used Equipment Evaluation system allows the evaluation process to be systematic, where the salesman creates the initial evaluation, arranges for a service representative to assist if necessary, then passes it on to the Used Equipment Manager to have it reviewed—so that the evaluation can be accepted or rejected, or forwarded on to the Branch Manager or Sales Manager. This gives your sales, service, and management staff the opportunity to add their comments, numbers, and inspection values. Controls can be put in place to ensure that the inspection is completed before it can be forwarded on for review. In addition, each stock number in the system is allowed only one evaluation, preventing customers from “shopping around” at your locations and ensuring that any previous evaluations are reviewed.

Comparative Evaluations
Evaluation history, one of the many sources of valuation information, allows you to compare the current evaluation with historical evaluations of similar machines. This way, you get a better understanding of what value the machine should be assessed, and you are provided with used equipment benchmarks that will, over time, help the dealership to be more efficient. The system allows you to identify a machine’s key features in terms of impacting its value. You can also create an “inspection only”, which does not contain any values, but can be stored in the machine’s history for future reference.

Speed and Accuracy
Without having to sift through sheets of paper, your used evaluation process is more organized, centralized, and streamlined. Each step is automated, so that mistakes are less likely to occur. The system ensures that the right people are performing the right steps in the evaluation process—and that those people can be notified by e-mail or IntelliDealer message when an evaluation requires their review. You can factor in the desired margin that you wish to realize on each trade, allowing you to give the prospect a value based on what your dealership needs to gain. As well, Submission History lets you see where an evaluation has been—and where it has to go—to promote staff accountability, and to make sure that the evaluation doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Key Features
  • Create and archive highly specific, customized unit evaluations
  • Receive desktop notification of evaluations, as per an employee’s area of responsibility
  • Customize the sections containing the questions you want to ask
  • Attach pictures that are integrated with the equipment profile
  • Create last-minute comments before the evaluation is transferred
  • Print the inspection form for remote evaluations
  • Automatic forwarding ensures a collaborative process
For More Information
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