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Alert Management

Deliver Timely, Critical Communications with Ease

You rely on IntelliDealer™ to run your business, and now you can trust it to help you communicate with customers and employees. Alert Management 2.0 lets you send customized emails, IntelliDealer messages, and text messages directly from your Dealer Management System. Based on your needs, certain events within IntelliDealer can be set to automatically send messages to customers or employees, depending who needs the information.

For example, when equipment nears the end of its warranty, IntelliDealer will automatically notify both your customer and their Salesperson. Or when special order parts are received into inventory, your customer will be notified automatically that it is time to come pick them up.

Other alerts, available with IntelliDealer, include:

Alert Management 2.0 also lets you customize your alerts, so you can define which messages should be sent and when. You configure and activate your desired alerts, determining whether customers receive only email messages, only text messages, or both, based on their preferences.

Sending messages in real-time to your employees and customers helps streamline your business. Alert Management 2.0 gives you the power you need to communicate more quickly and effectively.

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