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Empower your Service Technicians with CDK’s Mobile
Time Management System.

CDK MobileTech is a Windows-based application for laptops or handheld devices designed to accurately and electronically record time for field service work orders.

Equipped with a Windows Mobile device or laptop running MobileTech, field service technicians can view or record time to assigned work orders. With the ability to sense network connectivity, MobileTech synchronizes directly with IntelliDealer’s Service Work Orders on demand.

IntelliDealer work orders marked as requiring a “Service Call” are synchronized to a technician’s mobile device when connectivity to IntelliDealer exists. After synchronization is complete, a condensed version of all work orders assigned to the technician at the time of synchronization is available to the technician from MobileTech – without the need for a connection to IntelliDealer. MobileTech displays the customer name and description for all assigned work orders. The option to display extended details such as address, work order number and customer contact information is also available. To “sign on” to a work order, the technician selects the work order and segment of work from within MobileTech – time is recorded to the selected segment until the technician “logs off” the segment.

MobileTech Eliminates
Time Spent on Manual Data Entry

Time recorded in the field is automatically posted back to work orders when MobileTech is synch-ronized with IntelliDealer. Not only is time saved, but the potential of keying errors is also greatly reduced with MobileTech because of its automated nature. With CDK MobileTech, you can eliminate the manual tracking and recording of time spent completing field service work orders.

What’s Best for You?

MobileTech Laptop Edition
An ideal solution for Dealers who have already invested in laptop computers and want to take advantage of their existing hardware.

MobileTech Handheld Edition
The Motorola MC65 EDA features the combined power of a mobile computer, camera, and barcode scanner in one durable package.

For More Information
For more information about MobileTech, email us at or call 519-474-5212.

* Currently, the HP iPAQ 210 and Motorola MC35 are the only handheld models supported.
**Denotes items that will be installed or upgraded during the CDK Auction Manager Server
installation process.