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MyDealer Access

Add customer self-service to your full-service dealership

MyDealer Access

MyDealer Access allows you to extend your dealership's services. For your customers' convenience, MyDealer Access offers around-the-clock access to their account and equipment information.

Key Features

Your dealership's MyDealer Access site gives your customers an increased level of information, convenience and control. Your customers expect you to deliver an array of services with the same quality of service they receive in person. MyDealer Access makes this possible.

Reduce Costs

As transactions are performed electronically, your dealership saves time and money. Your Accounting department will spend less time dealing with inquiries, as customers can view online account information and print, email and download invoices and statements. The Sales and Service departments can devote more time to improving the quality of day-to-day walk-in business, and view current customer data as customers update their equipment profiles.


With MyDealer Access, you can gain a competitive advantage over dealers whose DMS provider isn't offering their customers integrated e-business applications. Customers can see real-time account information, check outstanding invoices and review recent payments. They may also email, download or print copies of old invoices and statements complete with electronic signatures.


MyDealer Access provides a more modern, sleek, easy-to-navigate user interface. Customers gain access to their information with a simple click, when and where they need it. Additionally, through a dealership's MyDealer Access page, external third-party links can be provided to online manufacturers' parts books so your customers don't have to have the part numbers, names or descriptions.

Authorized users are securely logged into MyDealer Access where they can work in a customizable environment in order to maintain and receive information regarding their account, equipment and parts inventories, perform transactions, and view/accept quotes. Customers can also save time by creating purchase orders, which eliminates phone calls, paper, emails or faxes.

Customer Self-Service

Free up your staff by allowing your customers to view details of their outstanding account balances, tax summaries for selected invoice groups and to reproduce invoices and statements. MyDealer Access allows your customers to update their profile and equipment information, notify the dealership that they want to trade or sell, request service, shop for and order equipment and parts, purchase merchandise, look up their own work orders and identify repairs, check their rental invoices, add to a machine's service history, and interact with a complete Parts, Service and equipment quoting system.

Additional Features

*Some features require purchase of additional software and services.

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