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Wireless Inventory Control

Submit and receive equipment and parts inventory information


CDK’s browser-based Wireless Inventory Control applications allow you real-time access to important equipment inventory data stored in your business system—through the mobility and convenience offered by your wireless network.

Systems Requirements
  • Current IntelliDealer Release
  • Wireless Inventory Control
  • Must be operating IntelliDealer Work Orders
  • Models(s)*: Motorola MC65 / Motorola MC9090
  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 5.0 / 6.0

Ensure your inventory information is current, thus increasing customer satisfaction through more accurate inventory, while also eliminating unwanted write-offs. CDK’s Wireless Inventory Control applications combine the strength of the IBM System i with the portability of a laptop or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) in order to ease equipment and parts-inventory tasks.

Equipment Inventory Control

Efficiency is created, as equipment information such as hours, branch and yard location, and attachments can be updated system-wide and right away, without having to first record the information on paper and then re-enter it into the business system.

Save time as you instantly locate equipment by stock or serial number. List the stock number, description, serial number, branch or location, class or group, model, year, hours, and status. Also, sort by model, yard location or group; or select by all, make/model or group, in order to quickly see an overview of the equipment fleet’s status.

Reduce costs through the elimination of paper, as remote administration is made possible through direct updates to the IBM server. Used in combination with the Traffic system, this “guardhouse” application enables the tracking of equipment check-in or check -out by stock, serial, or receipt number.

Parts Inventory Control

CDK’s Parts Inventory Control ensures that your dealership’s inventory is more complete and more accurate. This is achieved through reduced manual data entry, faster data capture, and fewer errors. You and your dealership are more cost-efficient, and customer satisfaction increases as a result of your employees’ instant access to data and the fact they are able to discuss inventory more accurately, more quickly, and from anywhere in the dealership.

Inventory power is increased as Parts Inventory Control is designed to allow dealership personnel the ability to perform cyclical inventory counts on a regular basis -- and without keeping everyone off the business system. Parts Receipting allows you to record parts orders as they enter your shipping/receiving area and allows you to receive multiple emergency orders, or a single stock order, in one step.

Streamline processes as, for example, you walk down your parts aisles and select items off the shelves, and then create a list by scanning the barcode. This eliminates the need for keypunching, reducing errors and speeding up the checkout process. As well, Parts Inventory Control gives the user the ability to quickly and easily modify the bin location without having to write the number down and remember to change the parts record in the system -- the change you make is instantaneously reflected in the business system.


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