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QUALCOMM® GlobalTRACS® Solution

Helping dealers leverage their GlobalTRACS solution for an increased competitive advantage

CDK Global Heavy Equipment and QUALCOMM have collaborated to integrate IntelliDealer and the QUALCOMM GlobalTRACS equipment management solution—resulting in improved unit coordination.

Systems Requirements
  • IntelliDealer Product Support
  • Windows®Vista Business, 2000
    or XP Pro SP2 Operating System
  • Processor and memory size based on Operating System recommendations
    (or greater)
  • Internet Explorer 5+
  • Ethernet Ready
  • IBM® Power6™ recommended, scaled by number of users
  • 8 GB RAM for server
    or greater, depending on number of users
  • VPN access to server via Internet
  • 512 Kbps remote
    store connection, determined by number
    of devices
  • Current CDK system release
  • Current IBM OS release
  • LANSA® License

Dealers now have an effective way to protect and monitor some of their most important assets—their equipment. Through a newly-developed interface, CDK integrates its IntelliDealer Equipment and Service modules with QUALCOMM’s GlobalTRACS solution. The interface synchronizes equipment inventory data from IntelliDealer with data from a GlobalTRACS-equipped machine to provide a seamless transfer of critical and time-sensitive data.

Users can view the machine’s current location, as well as the history of the machine’s movements over a user-defined period of time. Through IntelliDealer, the location information will show the machine’s current location in terms of longitude, latitude, and proximity to the nearest city, town or landmark. This information will allow the dealer to discern whether or not the equipment has exceeded the boundaries set by the geo-fence, or if it travelled to a region where the charges to the customer may need to change. Additionally, information on current engine status is also available.

The machine-hour meter data integrates with IntelliDealer’s Service Agreements by providing the equipment inventory in IntelliDealer with updated hour meter readings, so service contracts that are based on machine hours can be managed easily within the IntelliDealer system. The updated machine hour data will work with the preventative maintenance program in order to promptly service the equipment. Machine hour data can be calculated into average daily usage as well, in order to determine when the machine is nearing a scheduled service.

For more information about the QUALCOMM GlobalTRACS interface interface, email us at or call 519-474-5212.


  • IntelliDealer offers a browser-based management boost, and consists of Management Central, Financial Management, Customer Care, and Product Support
  • Illustrating IntelliDealer’s impact, Management Central is designed to give dealership owners the power to take the “pulse of the dealership”, through the return of instant, precise, and business- intelligent answers, in order to power decision-making and financial forecasting
  • CDK IntelliDealer is designed with usability in mind, is interactive, and built to facilitate the development and addition of new applications

  • Fleet management system for construction equipment that collects, wirelessly delivers, and manages machine data
  • Ruggedized hardware can be installed on any machine, allowing the dealer to receive engine hours, locations, and usage statistics, which can be accessed using a web browser, or through IntelliDealer
  • Provides immediate access to equipment location and utilization data, and helps reduce maintenance costs and improve asset utilization
  • Machine security is enhanced through the ability to monitor unauthorized usage or movement