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FileBound by Upland

Turn Your A/P Tasks into a Simple, Automated Experience

FileBound is designed as an end-to-end solution that helps maximize results. Invoices are captured at the beginning of their life cycle—regardless of the format in which they are received—matched to templates, and then invoice
data is automatically lifted and used for processing. Next, discrepancies or non-PO invoices are routed for approval. At the end of the approval process, the invoice data can be passed into your CDK A/P system using the optional A/P Data Upload interface.

Filebound helps solve your A/P challenges:

FileBound has been implemented with proven results in organizations of all sizes. Compressing cycle times from purchase to payment significantly reduces supplier
and audit inquiries, and allows you to take advantage of all affordable discounts, while helping to reduce the cost of obtaining approvals. When more detail is made available about your business, you can see results in improved forecasting and better working capital management.

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