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Hardware Maintenance and Support Services

Improve productivity and protect your investment in technology

Your dealership has made a substantial investment in technology. To maximize your investment means ensuring servers, networks, PCs, printers and peripherals function properly. Unfortunately, dealerships spend tens of thousands of dollars on computing equipment without a strategy to make the equipment a productive and effective business tool.

Hardware Maintenance and Support Services is designed for Dealers who want to take advantage of comprehensive on-site maintenance and connectivity management services. Clients who adopt this service can rely upon our professional Field Services teams to maintain their distributed hardware environment.

Hardware Maintenance and Support Services provides your dealership with comprehensive Help Desk and On-site support for servers, PCs, peripherals and networks using highly trained associates, whose goal is to get your dealership back up and running with minimal delay when hardware problems occur.

Currently providing services to over 12,000 dealerships in various industries within the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, the Hardware Services team is already familiar with the dealership environment and providing full-service support for businesses like yours.

Benefits of Hardware Maintenance and Support Services

Provides “One-Stop-Shopping” Hardware Maintenance and Support Services provides your dealership with a single-source solution with the level of service your business demands. The need for sourcing and enlisting the aid of multiple vendors to resolve your IT hardware issues is eliminated, so you can keep your focus on doing what you do best–selling equipment, parts and service.

Prompt, Courteous Customer Service Service is provided by our highly trained Help Desk and Field Services associates and support staff.

Increases Employee Productivity Downtime equals lost employee productivity and when you can’t provide the level of dealership service you normally provide to your customers, it might even mean unhappy customers and lost revenue as well.

Competitive Monthly Support Fee Take control over your IT expenses by spreading them out over 12 monthly payments. By eliminating the per-visit or per-incident service fee you might otherwise incur (and which could potentially cost you more over the long-term), you save yourself from the costs and headache of unexpected repairs and support.

Control Dealership Costs Whether you use Hardware Maintenance and Support Services to supplement your existing IT staff or to reduce your overall IT expense, the services can be customized to meet the needs of your dealership to help you reduce IT expenses in the following areas:

Labor (leveraged vs. IT staff )

Material costs (replacement components/parts)

Travel and entertainment
(associated with supporting remote location repair and maintenance)

Goes Beyond what the OEMs Provide Hardware Maintenance and Support Services go beyond what OEMs such as Dell, IBM and HP normally offer for hardware support. When your Field Services representative works with you, their mission is to leave you up and running and completely operational. That includes loading your PC/server image–something that OEM hardware support and OEM-provided annual hardware contracts do not cover.

CDK and CDK working together to resolve your hardware issues

If you take advantage of Hardware Maintenance and Support Services, what happens when there is a hardware problem at your dealership? First, call CDK’s Help Desk for remote, troubleshooting service. If the problem cannot be resolved by CDK, your call will be promptly forwarded to CDK, who will dispatch the local Field Services representative to provide additional support and hardware repairs via telephone, remote dial-in, or through an on-site visit to your dealership. In turn, your Field Services representative works closely with, and is supported by, a network of CDK staff to quickly and efficiently resolve your hardware issues. This support team includes the CDK ATAC team for network and PC issues, CDK Logistics for hardware repair issues and parts delivery and CDK Hardware Technical Support for peripheral, system and application issues. Additionally, CDK maintains direct relationships with many OEMs such as Dell, IBM and HP to further assist in resolving a hardware issue, if required.

All it takes is one call to get the resolution process started!

For More Information
For more information about Hardware Maintenance and Support Services, email us at or call 519-474-5212.