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Laser Form Overlays

Enhance your special forms

If you are currently running your preprinted special forms to a noisy, awkward dot matrix printer, you may want to consider the many benefits of printing your customized special forms to a laser printer.

CDK and your IBM server offer your dealership the convenience of sending your monochrome preprinted special forms directly from your computer to a laser printer. You can reflect your dealership’s professionalism by providing CDK with company information and your logo, so that we can design and set up your customized overlays.

Cost Savings
With CDK Laser Form Overlays, you can save money by reducing the required amount of printers in your dealership by centralizing all form printing to a single laser printer. Economize further by eliminating high-priced, preprinted forms and bulky, expensive multi-part computer paper by using stock 8.5” x 11” plain paper. More time- and money-savings result from your now centralized invoice printing; concurrently print various invoices, quotes, reports, contracts, checks, statements, and delivery receipts. As well, create more consistency and clarity by standardizing all of your dealership’s invoices.

Integration and Quality
Further illustrating the integrated strength of CDK Laser Form Overlays: you can fax customers and vendors your customized forms directly from your server, or “print” your forms as PDF files should you need to send them electronically. As well, the flexibility is there to create laser form overlays on printers that do not support Intelligent Printer Data Streams (IPDS). In order to guarantee the quality of your overlay, a testing program is available on the CDK system for you to run.

Key Features
  • Produce professional-looking, customized forms that can easily be modified -- don't be left with stockpiled forms because of address or phone number changes
  • Avoid annoying alignment errors
  • Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, quieter laser printer
  • Configure the program to automatically generate a user-defined number of copies every time
  • CDK will design and implement your customized laser form overlay
For More Information
For more information about Laser Form Overlays, email us at or call 519-474-5212.