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Seamlessly integrate your Workforce Management solutions with CDK IntelliDealer™.

CDK Global Heavy Equipment has partnered with Payworks to provide innovative cloud-based products, including payroll, time and attendance, and human resources solutions, tailored to heavy equipment dealers in Canada. Now you’ll get the added convenience of the Payworks platform, along with CDK integration and expert implementation, as well as the one-on-one support that you’ve come to expect.

Payworks simplifies your workforce management-related processes. Begin by increasing payroll accuracy while decreasing costly errors. There’s no software to install or maintain, and strict funds management policies and internal controls ensure that you can pay your employees with confidence.

Payroll made painless
Dedicated onboarding specialists and client service representatives provide one-on-one support. Eliminates time spent on manual entry into CDK Legacy Payroll.
  Empower your employees
Rather than requiring someone else’s time to provide pay information, employees can look it up themselves from any web-enabled device.
  Reduce human resources headaches
Manage critical HR-related functions, including employee profiles, performance and recruitment from one central location.

Easy Integration with
CDK IntelliDealer

Payworks is the only HR solution company to integrate with CDK IntelliDealer™. Unlike competitors, Payworks helps eliminate the need for manual General Ledger (GL) entries or Employee Time Capture (ETC) data.

When a pay period is finalized within Payworks’ payroll solution, the GL data for the pay period is imported into IntelliDealer accounting.


Employee Time Capture Imported to Payworks



In real time, payroll administrators can export employee hours from the IntelliDealer Service module and import them into the Payworks employee time management system.


For More Information
For more information about Payworks, email us at or call 519-474-5212.