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Server Maintenance

Avoid unnecessary expenses today!

You've spent good money on your IBM hardware over the years. That's a fact. Now what we want to know is: How are you protecting that investment? If you don't have an answer to this question, or if the answer is "We're not", then we ask you to please consider putting your valuable devices on an IBM Hardware Maintenance contract.

Replacement of a single device, or even just a single part of a device, can prove to be a very costly, totally unnecessary expense. An IBM Hardware Maintenance contract gives your devices constant protection, and any replacements, parts, and service are free during the entire period of your contract. And since IBM maintenance is the best in North America, with hundreds of locations nationwide, your devices will get serviced by IBM-trained personnel who will do all they can to ensure your devices are back up and running in no time—reducing even more costly downtime in your dealership.

For something as valuable as your IBM server, we just can't emphasize this value enough. Ask any Power Systems user who has had to replace their tape drive at a potential cost of several thousand dollars, plus service costs, and you'll have to agree.

Custom Contracts
When you tell us what you'd like to put on a Hardware Maintenance contract, and for how long, we'll contact IBM on your behalf, with all your device details in hand. Based on these details, IBM will then draw up an accurate Hardware Maintenance quote, which we will then pass on to you for your approval. Quotes are based on the type of device(s) and software levels, if they apply, as well as the period of time you request (a contract may be signed for one year or up to five years with price breaks in effect for the longer contracts). Once you've agreed to the quote, we'll send the contract for you to sign.

Connect with CDK
As your system provider, we're sure we know you better than IBM does! Because of this, IBM has allowed CDK to maintain all of your Hardware Maintenance paperwork and to act as your first point of contact when hardware problems arise. In this way, CDK sets up your relationship with IBM, can work with you to make hardware service recommendations to IBM, and continues to ensure that your hardware devices are constantly covered and protected by the appropriate IBM Hardware Maintenance contract.

For More Information
To request a Hardware Maintenance contract, or for more information, email us at or call 519-474-5212.